Airdrop Info for those who had $CTN Tokens.

Airdrop info for those who are in $CTN. If you have any questions feel free to DM me in Telegram. I don’t want any information regarding the Airdrop in our main group because this will only give misinformation and create confusion for new (potential) Holders.

So listed below you will find the rate of Airdrop. The Token price when we stopt CTN was: 0,000000000054466 we will airdrop $DTU tokens against the token price of: 0,000000000120000 for the price of the Early Bird Pre Sale Price! Don’t look at the amount of tokens what we will airdrop but the DOLLARS against the pre sale early bird price. For example:

When you had left 49,02 dollars worth of CTN tokens you will get 108, 00 dollars in DTU tokens.

When we Stopt CTN in Dollars!

2.700.000.000.0000,000000000054466US$ 147,06
1.800.000.000.0000,000000000054466US$ 98,04
900.000.000.0000,000000000054466US$ 49,02

What we will Airdrop in Dollars against the EARLY bird Pre Sale price!

2.700.000.000.0000,00000000012000US$ 324,00
1.800.000.000.0000,00000000012000US$ 216,00
900.000.000.0000,00000000012000US$ 108,00

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