Dejitaru Token Progress

Total Supply – Total Supply


Total Burn – Total Burn 500.000.000.000


Pre Sale Tokens – Total tokens


Total Supply 100%

Total Burn 50% 500.000.000.000

Total Pre Sale 19.5%

Total Team 5%

Total Marketing 3%

What is Dejitaru?

How to Earn…

Earning System

Our earnings model is simple. Tokenomics = by holding $DTU your tokens increase with every transaction. Event profits = 30% of all Spot and Promotion sales flow back into our Liquidity Pool!
Ticket profits = The more tickets sold for the Virtual Events, the more profit. 40% of ticket sales go back into our Liquidity Pool.

Market Opportunity

The Crypto industry is global and most people are not quite free to travel the world for an Event. Definitely a market opportunity.
There are more than 12,000 projects in the Crypto Industry looking for new Holders. Live Events are no longer enough. Virtual Events, the Metaverse, the new Internet that’s the direction we are going!

Our Solution

Virtual Events…people can walk around with VR glasses or with their own Avatar. visit stands, talk to project owners and buy the project with DTU on the Event! Purchase a ticket for your events and log in! You are now in a 3D environment where project owners can explain, promote their projects, do live AMAs or major Giveaways.

Buy Back and Burn!

We will buy back with 40% of the profits that we make through our promotion channel and our 3D Events!
Meaning…the most of the profits will kick back in the Liquidity Pool and the tokens we get in return will be Burned forever! This will decrease the circulation supply and increase the Market Cap!

The Buy back and Burn will be done manually and this will also be announced in advance so that Holders can take advantage of the buy back and burn!

Distribution of tokens

Token distribution for our backers


Pre Sale


Public Sale




Dejitaru Team

The Roadmap

It’s been a exiting trip

Oktober / November 2021

Research / Development / Start

White Paper 
Temporary Design
Temporary Website
Social Channel 
Inform Community
Start Building Platform

Start Expand
Set time for Pre Sale
Marketing Reddit, TG, Twitter to expand our community.
Whitelist Pre Sale
Finish testing Contract 

Start Pre Sale 
Finish pre sale and start Launch
Airdrop Community 
Heavy Marketing Start including interviews, YouTube, Major news Pages and all Social channels.
Reach 500 Holders.
Create Design
Create Marketing Videos 

November / December / Januari 2021/2022

Continue Building

Continue Marketing
Reach 1000 Holders
Listing CG and CMC 
First Giveaway to Community
Continue growth and Reach 2000 Holders 
Expand building platform and hire extern! 
Create Design 

Reach 3000 Holders 
Show some love with another giveaway
Launch basic platform
Tour du Platform (explanations Video)
Start invite projects to promote for free on our platform
Continue Heavy Marketing including interviews, Poocoin Adds, Dextool Adds etc.
Reach 5000 Holders.

Februari / March / April 2022

Continue Expand

Expand White Paper and Roadmap
Finish free Promotion on our platform
Start Paid Promotion 
Building DEX Platform

First Listing DEX/CEX
Marketing Invite a major trader to our platform to review. 
Second Listing DEX/CEX
10.000 Holders 

May /June / Juli 2022

MVP Platform

Continue Marketing 
Add Liquidity from promotions
Major Giveaway to Community
Continue growth and Reach 15.000 Holders 
Expand building platform and hire more people.
Create customer service 
Reach 20.000 Holders 
CrossChain possibility

August / September 2022

Become a Legend

Start plans Events

Our Team

Come and say hi!

Upcoming Events

Meet us in events around the globe

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Partners & Technologies

Who’s behind Dejitaru?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have all the answers

What is Dejitaru?

Dejitaru is a peer-to-peer token distributor on the BSC network. Dejitaru mainly deals with an online platform, all and only about Crypto. We also organize 3D Events for projects in the Crypto industry. This can be an Event for 1 Crypto project but mainly it is conferences for several projects at the same time.

Why Dejitaru?

We strongly believe in the world we are living now, that Digital Events will be necessary! Not everyone has the opportunity to travel back and forth to visit an event. Besides the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult due to Covid, it is of course a must for the crypto industry to do Digital Events because the industry is worldwide!

How Safe is Dejitaru Token?

The smart contract that we use will be AUDIT by several companies starting with BitRise Token AUDIT. This isn’t our first contract so we know what we are doing. Our highest priority is that our contract is completely safe! We tested our contract over an over again to make sure everything is safe!

Are the people behind Dejitaru Doxxed?

Definitely! We are full doxxed, with faces, video, name and address. See Team info

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