Dejitaru has a few features planned to develop, listed below you’ll find a few features!

We will start building our own DApp once we hit enough holders and developers budget! 
Our Developers will start building our DApp to simplify the buys of $DTU. Make trading easy and efficient!
The DApp will finally support our CROSS-CHAIN feature Easy and efficient!

We will finally start to Cross-Chain our project to SOL, ADA, ETH an MATIC, so we increase the chance to expand our Holders en increase our token value!

What we see lately is that staking become a major asset in the crypto industry, that’s why we choose to create the ability for our Holders to Stake their Tokens. We will give the holders 3 opportunities of staking, once we start with the staking program we will use it for a major marketing boost!

The Events showcase is explained on a separate page. Visit Events

We want to create full visibility for our project, the best way to do this is promoting other projects with major community’s. To expand the registered members of our platform we need to increase the traffic to our platform. Thats why we start working with other project owners and start making package deals for promotion and stand holders on our Events!

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