The Disco Burn Token is a hyper-deflationary token on the Binance SmartChain that likes to BUY and BURN. Over time, our Burn Party Wallet accumulates BNB from fees generated by every transaction.
On the first of every month, the Burn Party Wallet will BUY and BURN tokens from other vetted projects. This BUY and BURN is intended to help the price of the token while also raising the price floor permanently.


On the first of every month, the Burn Party Wallet will purchase another crypto project at market price. These projects will be vetted by our partners, DYOR Token and RugSeekers. The goal is to support other safe and healthy projects in the crypto space.


Once the Burn Party Wallet buys into another project, all tokens purchased will be sent to the burn wallet immediately. This will permanently raise the price floor while encouraging a healthy and green chart for that project and it’s holders.


Disco Burn Token does not only buy and burn other crypto projects. The token also gives reflections to holders with every transaction. The burn address also counts as a holder, which means every transaction lowers the supply automatically.

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