Once or twice a year we are going to organize a digital crypto event. This will be done through a full 3D studio setup. Divided into subcategories ”Sub Page, Main Page and Top Page”.

We are living in times when we are not free / able to travel at random whenever we want. In addition, the crypto industry is worldwide and investors are coming from everywhere, so it is interesting for everyone to organize Digital Crypto Events!

That is why we started Dejitaru. For all traders and project owners. No need to travel and still close!

Crypto owners are given the opportunity to participate in this, they are responsible for the ”live” streams, however we stream them through our Event. Of course in the category for which they have reserved.
To make it attractive, we give away a Top Page spot to a project that promotes itself via our platform. Think of video material, podcasts, promotions, giveaways etc.

Top page: 5 projects
Main page: 10 projects
Sub page: 20 projects 

So this means that each event can participate 35 projects. The visitor numbers are a lot higher 45,000 unique visitors. Please note this is a possibility, based on the tickets sold, a choice will be made of the maximum unique visitors per event.

It’s up to the project itself to decide what they want to show during an event, whether that’s live in blocks or a pre-live video. They can also hold a Live AMA, for example. Projects can really decide for themselves. The only theme that we will attach to the event is Cryptocurrency.


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